Western Wear?

Are you finding yourself wanting to channel your inner Shania Twain in the midst of this Disco Cowgirl craze? OK, now you're hearing "Let's Go Girls!" playing on repeat in your head. (Sorry!) This is one of the strongest trends we've seen in a while popping up in fashion, bachelorette parties and even in baby girl's first birthday themes. You don't have to be a huge country music fan to embrace this look with a few accessories or in full out cowgirl style.

Online boutiques and brick and mortar stores are stocked with tons of options to get you decked out literally from head to toe in cowgirl hats and boots and everything in between. You'll be ready for that girl's weekend trip to Nashville, your bestie's bachelorette party at the beach or a concert date when you shop this trend with your favorite retailer. If "hat to boot" styling is a little much for your vibe, then work with one or two fun pieces that you feel comfortable wearing. The key to this trend screams fun so don't take yourself too seriously. 

Country-Western influences can be found in everything from sweatshirts to fringed sequin jackets. Denim shorts or jeans adorned with rhinestones paired with a fun tee may be the perfect outfit for a low-key outing while a sparkly, fully-sequined jacket, fringed boots and cowgirl hat is a must for your trip down Broadway. Online boutiques are a great source of everything from one extreme to the other. There is a wide array of accessories- almost "everything bling" goes. Cuff bracelets in cowhide and suede, turquoise rings and cowboy hats adorned with a single long feather or a funky hat band have all made an appearance at the latest concerts. 

The most widely used colors in many of the clothing items seem to be silver, white and pink mixed in with your standard black, brown and cow prints. Boots are popping up in a plethora of colors from your traditional cowboy boots in rugged brown and black to metallic versions in iridescent silver, hot pink and bright lipstick red! So fun that you can't help but be the life of the party when you're wearing fabulous footwear (with or without fringe)!


Rhinestone jewelry isn't just for prom anymore!


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